Chelseain 2017-2018

With the 2016 to 2017 football season opened up with we look forward to next year’s premiership action. After a great season last year Chelsea are flying and the arts just Chelsea promotes we hope to see another fantastic English Premier league display. There been several transfers over the summer lots of spending on defence and players.

The odds for Chelsea winning again this year on great due to the expectations of them doing well. However if you still wish to place bets on Chelsea winning out white then we advise you to do so via the. Bet there is a sports betting exchange way to make wagers against other players around the world. This gives you much better odds than using a traditional bookmaker. Other decent bets you can make and follow throughout the season are top goalscorers which will probably be either a Chelsea player man city. Both teams obviously expected to do well and usually scored lots of goals throughout the season. Looking for chelseas top 2013 top goals scorer stats

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